Clarinet Concerto Theme

This is Mozart's beautiful theme from his "Clarinet Concerto" ( intended for the intermediate to late intermediate pianist)  arranged in the key of C major for solo piano and also clarinet, flute & piano in B flat,  perfect for weddings.    Clarinet Concerto...

Waltz in E b

This is a lighthearted waltz in the key of E flat major by the classical composer Muzio Clementi,  requiring the intermediate pianist to play with clear articulation and dynamics.   SEE STUDENT VIDEO         PDF: Waltz in Eb Clementi


Bouree: This is a lively Bouree by Bach in a melodic minor and contains both legato two note slurs and staccto articulation. Despite the minor key this piece has a uplifting character and is great for a level 1-2 student. Bouree