A collection of twelve romantic piano solos composed and arranged by Catherine Crawley

1. Timeless (1:38)
2. In a Summer’s Sky (1:20)
3. Angelic Hearts (2:28)
4. Rainbow Rhapsody (2:29)
5. Garden Blossoms (1:26)
6. Summer Prayers (2:04)
7. Hannah’s Song (2:57)
8. Clair De Lune Theme (2:17)
9. Nocturne Theme (0:54)
10. Imagine Waterfalls (2:06)
11. Elegant Ave Maria (2:26)
12. Valentine’s Arabesque (2:01)

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Description: This is a delicate hymn in the key of F major with an expressive melody over a broken chord accompaniment and ending with a ornately embellished free flowing cadenza. “Timeless” is a great piece for the level 4-5 pianist.

In a Summer Sky

This is a lyrical ballad in the key of G Major requiring the intermediate student to maintain a relaxed wrist and create subtle musical inflections.

Angelic Hearts

A tender intermediate piano solo in the key of C Major with articulations to be played in a flowing manner.

Rainbow Rhapsody

Rainbow Rhapsody is a beautiful free flowing one movement piano piece in the key of E major. The late intermediate student should give close attention to the dynamics and tonal color.

Garden Blossoms

Garden Blossoms is a charming piano solo in the key of B-flat major with a sustained melody and great for a late intermediate pianist.

Summer Prayers

This soft cantabile piano solo intended for the late intermediate student, is in the key of D flat major with changes in meter and in a rondo form.

Hannah’s Song

A delicate piano piece for a level 3-4 student in the key of G major with changes in time signature and a reoccurring theme.

Clair de Lune

This is an arrangement in the key of C Major of Claude Debussy’s famous Clair De Lune which was originally written in 1890. This is a expressive piece containing suspended harmonies and arpeggiated chords characteristic of impressionism. The intermediate student should play with fluidity and a free versed technique.

Imagine Waterfalls

“ Imagine Waterfalls” is a programmatic piano solo in a rondo form with decorated aesthetical sections depicting the cascading flow of waterfalls. The late intermediate pianist should give close attention to the decorated turns which begin above the principle note.

Elegant Ave Maria

This is my arrangement of “Ave Maria” which was originally brought to us by the French Romantic composer Charles Ground who created a melody to be superimposed over Bach’s Prelude no. 1. Written in the key of E flat Major, this is a beautiful piece for the late intermediate pianist.

Nocturne Opus 9, No. 2

This is a simple arrangement of Chopin’s melodic “ Nocturne” opus 9, no. 2 in the key of F Major ( originally written in E flat ) and is a great piece for the level 3-4 student.

Valentine's Arabesque

This lyrical piano solo, intended for the intermediate student, is written in the aeolian mode with a rondo form that contains a beautiful two against three note pattern.