Painter Pallet Primer Worksheet

Painter Pallet Primer Worksheet: This  “painter’s pallet”  worksheet helps the primer student  to recognize rest signs and note values.  Painter Pallet Primer-Worksheet        

Rainbow Rhythm Worksheet

Rainbow Rhythm Worksheet: This is a colorful printable “Rainbow rhythm” worksheet.  Have beginning students write the number of counts next to the rainbow’s end. Rainbow rhythm primer worksheet  

July 4th Primer Matching Worksheet

July 4th Primer Matching Worksheet: This is a seasonal matching printable for the 4th of July.  Have beginning students draw a line to the correct note value or symbols.  July-4th-Primer-Worksheet

Theory – Flower Symbol Worksheet

Theory - Flower Symbol Worksheet: This is a colorful printable which allows the elementary student to identify and write in the correct musical symbol hidden in the picture.     Download Theory-Flower-Symbol-Worksheet

Theory – Music Forms Worksheet:

Theory - Music Forms Worksheet: Many piano forms of music were influenced by dance forms.  Have students listen to an example of each musical form and match with the correct definitions.     Download Theory-Music-Forms-Worksheet